You can't put the blame on me, try to resize me
With your well-packaged products, try to make
Me fall asleep watching Tv, make me a robot
For your competitive society, educate me to be
Your salesman, retire me, fire me, make me a
Popstar, confuse me, try to make me feel lucky,
Handsome, rich, ugly, poor, damned, try to
Socialize me, award me copy me on the assembly
Line, make me married, divorce me...
We'we got the power to let it all out.We'we got

The pride to keep this alive
We'we got the love and respect for all kinds.
We'we got ourselves, don't need your lies
We're not gonna take it anymore...

We won't take it
Anymore anymore
The kids don't care
Anymore anymore
The kids don't care
Modern society is zombie factory, we'll make
It end very soon!
We're not gonna take it anymore.
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Kids Don't Care Lyrics

Radical Noise – Kids Don't Care Lyrics

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