I told you once that I will protect your life
He left us laughing, shouted he would take you away
I took every chance and gave you all
Yes I knew there's evil out there
But I didn't think he'd come, yet
I tell them I did the best I can to keep you save but I failed,
Yes, I failed
They tell me I ain't someone they'd ever trusted in anyway
Cause I'd fail,
No, no save heaven - is it true or just a lie? Who can say?
No, no save haven I can't lead it into another way
I am so sorry that I left you alone that day,
But I had to go for work - the money - didn't know how to pay!!!
I heard the shot when I came back home that night
I tried to help you but you followed the guardian light
I tell you I feel so sad but the doc said it won't help
But I tried
The machines are off, your eyes are closed
I hold your little hand, too late, you're dead
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No Save Heaven Lyrics

Rad Kick – No Save Heaven Lyrics