Verse 1:
Listen to this story bout a boy and his music. His daddy just left him.
Cause all his songs went wrong. One day when he was at school his mamma
Just ran away. No one knew where she went. Cause she didn't love her son.
So with all this mess. He was alone. Alone at home. With no comfort. This
Boy, his name is Jeff Jones. He lives in that home alone. And no one knew
But him until the call from Mrs. Jackson. The boys' teacher who was nosy.
If you are a only child you would know how Jeff feels but your teacher
Didn't find out. Cause yours ain't was real nosy and she's a snitch you
See. Cause once she found out bout Jeff's mom she called the detective.
Then Jeff got tested and sent to a foster home. After that Jeff was in Iowa
With a new home and a new family was odd and suspicious with 10 sons and
Daughters. No 5 rooms but only 2. Um no.
Verse 2:
Come on and take a journey through the life and times of Jeff Jones. A
Child who found a place to hide inside his headphones. He felt denied to
Every night he cried out his eyes on any pillow he lied his head on. His
Father left home his mom was just gone. It made his heart as dark as his
Outside flesh tone. So when he got tested of course he would explode. He
Saw angle as opponent as fresh and then let it go.
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Take A Journey Lyrics

Rachelle Washington – Take A Journey Lyrics

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