When I was younger and lived care-free
Anything could happen as long as I dreamed
The days were easy and full of grace
I was unaware of the future I'd face

I'm drawn to comfort if truth be told
And I'm on edge for what tomorrow holds.
I find fear in the unknown
And the seeds of sorrow that could be sown

As I've grown older I've come to choose
A road to follow that's not in view
It still seems frightening
This walk ahead
But I've learned to trust and not to dread

I wish I could say life would go my way
But it's plain to see
That's not meant to be

How do I know where to go when I don't see this path
I'm so confused for what's to come and I'm missing all I had
But now it's time that I accept that these days have changed
And then again, so have I
I guess it'll never be the same
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Never The Same Lyrics

Rachel Belman – Never The Same Lyrics

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