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Air It Out - Ft.Lloyd Banks,Young Buck,50 Cent Lyrics

Rabz – Air It Out - Ft.Lloyd Banks,Young Buck,50 Cent Lyrics

Air It Out

(50 Cent)Talkin
Yo It's 50 Cent i'll Break It Down now You know what it's over now 2 hot 2 break
This nigga Rabz and his b& e click A. K. A soft na let me dhut up before I get popped haha
Na new shit off Rabz album Rabz Best freestyle yeah Air It Out now.

(50 Cent)Rappin
Bently's is all dreams G5 Agenda's The Hood Make nigga Fall Out cold Like Simba
It don't Take much 2 let my gun go off 1 shot make a nigga go off so soft
If you don't know you better ask who I be (Why?) unless you wanna be feed thought the bell papi hah in the hood nigga's say they feeling me drity in the watt nigga's am the nigga you herad me and them southside blocks The watt's West side don't front you i'll pop all thenm fake gangsta's. G up Rolling the weed up get out of line get shot stabed or get hit with a bat I get b'ed up brrrra fuck that I guess am on the same bullshit same are. Kelly glock same full click.

New beat)
Rabz unleased
Rabz: talking: yo New york Get yur Tape Recorder's ready
Yeah King Rabz Is back New York City Yonker's yo yayo They miss you homie
Am not the riches but am richer that ya'll, rabz like a dude gamble in front of my yard
Am the type of nigga that will splater for talking that shit, so you might as well get a doctor 2 walk around wit, my own gutter is closed, am not worried about you coming back cuz you can't smell beef with a broken nose, from now on keep yur car's in yur home yur Chain Will Shine if it had more stone's in it, if you anit thumpin dumpin then go 2 hell whom, yo cuz the only clip on yur hip that hold's is yur cell phone, I know you be hating right, you begging you tryin 2 chew my ear off like tyson am Bigg enuff 2 control soilder like bush and keep them stright and am not talking about buying a real estate og told me 2 mercit wit the block I been around since they hit martin with the rock am sitting in my pop's car with a gun compartment on the block, I eat your food and hit you with a glock I got rocks that no can afford 2 buy it I alway's had beef before kelly price when on A diet. Am not on mushrooms 50 cent: she Was heavy hahah. Rabz: and if you want yur period you better watch yur mouth
Some Remain some stay when them hoe got us that why I know more trick's then the globetrodders (basketball players). I hurass yur studio with a mask and a picture make you studda make yur rhymes go faster than twista whoooo
50 Cent: rabz & lloyd bankz yo This kid's is Crazy baby this is 4 all my gurl you know this chick called ivette that Rabz love hahh.

New beat
Lloyd Banks talking: the number 1 Drafted hah
Stright From Jamica queen's yo you know 1 time finsh
Lloyd banks Rappin:
Yo am Gonna Have 2 put a foot locker room cuz I got so much shoe's that how crude I am haha na wait I put a bump on yur forhead am you look like a unicorn I never slip with ether flipfop's or shoes on i'll make her slip drop and loes her thong Whhooowee, they unatraced 2 you you think you hard with that platiunm fubu, and yur track's is du du, I got a lung like a chimey the pot head dig me, i'll put a clip on yur kedne or yur pinky that my aim with gunz you thought am back with rabz with a platium gun yeah, he waas ohh weee yo the kid startes tripin his was wide like eddie giffen yo the kid was'nt snichtin but our shot at his wer'nt missin hahah, Yo we hot When they saw us the chick don't ignore us yopu could come us and fuck in a tour bus. The homie kiss you fuck you piss you squeeze you the reason why cuz you thought he was diesel hahh.

Rabz: It anit Over,
50 Cent:
Yo it like every time I go out I cause a bang out every day am in the precent as you here the shot ring out The D's that Killed J Sent me a Message I was'nt Eating With J so I didn't get it hah Crizz Cross Said 50 you got nigga's shoting at my staff them nigga's is pussy they meant 2 hit the glass ohh, Ny hip-hop police follow my car I watch them they watch me so I know who they are it's not only poparerahe taking pic's some of they lady nigga be suckin oh my dick rabz: rrrrrrrroooohhhh Damm 50Cent: they got nigga sucking dick call me sick na calll me Andrew Panewere am flithy Fucken Rich

Young Buck;
Stop Acting like you Sell Rock's Before you Find A Pipe Bomb In Your Mail Box I shall not fear no man if you be like me and this is were I need 2 be, I put shoot's in yur back so I connect the dot's I also had dream that martin luther king got shot You wanna Know why my momma walk around with a gun She know her son buck got beef she learn from biggy and pac G-Unit till my pant could drop Took a bag of Rock's made a millon don't belive me You can ask my pop's I got a beach a in a box (pool) put my benz in a black Drop top, but this year I don't have beef where I live I still in a hood called Cashville hahah

Man I don't know if you heard about my click how we stay with a couple of toaster(Gunz Burners)we don't play ya shit. You don't wanna bang with the best I had faglie lil part from yur chest I hope god a forgiving person from all these shell please don't curse my kid's they say Rabz dunn Blow Up they say he an'it a changed nigga you can't compare 2 average jigga and of coruse am not yur nigga yeah!!!!!))))

Yo this rhyme is 2 hard 2 break best of 04 homie Jamica Queen's Yonker baby gggg---Unit Kings Hollla at us whenu got problem wit us.
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