Music must be a lady
The way it makes sweet love to me... Me ooh
Music, I'm so amazed by your choice of melodies that you used on me
Lady music, when we make love it's like we're making love ooh in the same key
Music must be a lady cause of the way you sing your melody
Woman, I'm overcome by your sexual energy
Miss Conductor orchestrate, show me just how to please you in this room
Music I'll do for you

(I hear a drum roll as we lay) Oh, and when you grace my stage I can't find the words to say except...
(Music) Must be... Must be a woman
Oh, You're my anthem
Oh! You're the reason why I dance
Mu- Mrs. Music I wanna make your body sing songs of joy and happiness
Write your words in my bed
Ms. Music said I'd never fall in love- never ever fall in love and now here I am in love-so so so in love with you
Ms. Music this love making is so unique
Go on and let it ring out over me
Like a choir at it's peak

Mu-sic said I celebrate you and I honor you and I salute you
And I sing my heart out to you music cause you deserve it
And I would like to do some things to you
So get ready... Oh, get ready darlin'!
Cause I'm about to add harmony to your life
A love making duet just to be precise babe
Hello, sweet Soprano I want you to meet Mr. Tenor
And I love your music
As a matter of fact I'm quite a big fan
(Music)... Mrs. Music (Ms. Music) Mrs. Music...
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Music Must Be A Lady Lyrics

R. Kelly – Music Must Be A Lady Lyrics

Songwriters: ROBERT S. KELLY
Music Must Be A Lady lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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