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Our Story Lyrics

R. City – Our Story Lyrics

That's when it all changed
See that's was the first time we wanted to get on stage
I was nervous, my brother wasn't afraid
We both was at a very young age
Mom and dad worked hard for that five dollars an hour minimum wage
They treated our folks like they were slaves
But they did whatever they had to to keep food on the plate
So we made a promise that some how some way
We gon make it up out of this ghetto one day
Maybe cause we were locals
Prolly why promoters felt like we didn't deserve to get paid
We were loved by some hated by many
Years pass growing up now, we just met Benny
Fan base started growing still wasn't making a penny
That's not even half a mile in my shoes
We became the biggest thing while we were still only in high school
But we ain't settled so right after we graduated we moved

All we've ever wanted to do is get to a better tomorrow
So much in our hearts to prove to get to a better tomorrow

So now we in the M.I.A
Shout out to my cousin Oshannah for giving us a place to stay
The homie Verse stayed right around the corner with his moms
My uncle Trent stayed twenty minutes away so me, my brother and Verse
Was running through the streets of Miami grindin' seeing as tho we couldn't get work
Then a radio battle rap show with big lip
And super Cindy was the only way that we got heard
See we skipped college ain't with that blue collar
Was only chasing our dream ain't never chased dollars
And we was on fire when we left St. Thomas
Went to Miami thinking we was gon get more hotter
But that didn't happen at all we knew that we needed to leave
And it was between Atlanta and New York
Then our tickets got bought to come to the A to rock a show
If that wasn't a sign I don't know what it was
So they payed us three hundred and fifty to perform a club
So we packed up our bags like here we come
And were fresh out of high school still very young
But this was our dream, to some we were done

All we've ever wanted to do is get to a better tomorrow
So much in our hearts to prove to get to a better tomorrow

So we went to Atlanta and decided we wasn't gon' leave
With twenty dollars in the pocket of some old jeans
Came across a few salesmen that sold dreams
But we wasn't gon quit uh uh by no means
We started meeting with labels and we were laughed at
Like you from an island tryna rap go home please
Started doing talent shows to win money
Just to keep the lights on and bring home a lil groceries
Buzz started growing
Atlanta started showing mad love so we just kept on going
Deals on the table now Akon blowing up
And hearing bout us from everybody who know him
Did the deal with Konvict then losin' it" dropped
Still here standing even after losin' it" flopped
They wanted us to sing no rappin' straight pop
And that's just some of the reason why that album ain't dropped
And I ain't tryna get props all I want is my shot
Our chance to blow and probably make it to the top
And at least I can say that we tried if we failed
Plus the fans ain't never cared bout first week sales

All we've ever wanted to do is get to a better tomorrow
So much in our hearts to prove to get to a better tomorrow

Aight, so, there's still a few pieces that I missed:
So when we first moved to Atlanta, you know
We was 'bout to sign to organized noize
And I just gotta shout-out the homies Rico, Wade and Ray
Because, you know they embraced us and showed mad love, for real, real represent
Second generation, Dungeon family all day
And then you know, that didn't really work out
So then we got back on out talent show grind, like straight up
We were just doing talent shows, because we know, you could win money
And we was just like
'Yo, that's how we gonna pay our bills, how we going to survive
And we started winning so much, that they told us
We could'nt compete no more

So much in our hearts to prove to get to a better tomorrow
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