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space it takes to time travel ain't worth the effort Mic
saddle mastadons to find Babylon the network As
clear as it seems hi-fi makes it perfect This
pyramid scheme with the eye at the vertex Serpents
smell with your tongues and wait for blackouts Yo
for, sure s sells** check wealth at the crack house Appachis
don't stop but, the candle burns At
both ends while most men just channel surf It's
gonna take more then folded hands to part the skies So
lets drown from the ground up Imperfection
starts with I Am
god and god's not hard rock or worthy slaves Surfer
make the paper sleep late pray, for early graves I
hope we catch ebola just, what man deserves Built
god with satellites but, couldn't handle earth It'll
flood 'till the blood spills but, you still wouldn't believe it No
control alt, delete, it I'm
on my way to be it The
time it takes to space travel ain't worth the distance If
I could reach the remote from here then I convert the mission Worse
then vision splitting headaches What
man's set on looking These?
books are too heavy plus, the antenna's crooked The
batteries are drained I, think I'll wait it out But
way the pounds of apathy I, think I hate this couch We
can slouch into a fetus all, we need is television With
long spoons to feed us s and** exorcism Internet
access to find our souls E-mail
me dogs cynical, smiles and barcodes Homes
are only shelters only, shelves of a man Remote
is where the heart is the, heart is gettin' bent Yo
we, can start right now here, in Chi-town I'll
die if you have to you, know I'm down With
an automatic bag of chips the, honeybun's out What
channels the revolution on The? motherfucking couch [Verse

2 ]:Cameras
for the crips like, gifts for the thieves When
he's only fifteen and got a tip from his seeds So
what's kid gonna read when, clips is magazines When?
god drowns we re; surrounded by fags and fiends Rapping
teen actors on the magic screen Lies
for halftime why's, he laughin' at me Let?
the smoke flow out through his platic speech Patching
dream jobs for slaves saving, half the fee Hack
the feet off at, the khaki cuff Need
batteries for windows 'cause, reality sucks Half
to give up something right The?
library's sold meet, us on the ones and twos in binary code Hypnotize
my mind is, it time to explode Is?
my spine a remote or, am I in control As?
I portray this wisdom image actor see But
why's this plastic thing pointed, back at me Pointed
back at me (pointed back at me)
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Underachiever Lyrics

Qwel – Underachiever Lyrics