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Talking Trains Lyrics

Quilt – Talking Trains Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Keeping up your solace and your pride
You'll wait a lonely life
Muster up the courage in the night
Don't bother everything's all right

[Pre-Hook 1]
And engine's song will leave it all behind
Fall in the palms of echoing times
You know deep down you're nothing but a myth
Can you only trust your little mind

[Hook 1]
Ooooooh it's going to let you down (x2)
Ooooooh it's going to let you...

[Verse 2]
Even as reverberating sound
Unwound self-casually
Implausable like microscopic doves
Are they real or aer they only love

[Pre-Hook 2]
'Cause even when the day is full of plans
You feel it's heavy hollow [?]
Like talking trains inside a hollow tree
Free from the track and finally free of me

[Hook 2]
Ooooooh they're going to let you down (x2)
Ooooooh they're going to let you...

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