[Verse 1:]
Pummeled from the moment you wake a void of confusion 24 hours a day
Twisted reality eternal debate the clouds are flowing something?s going to break.
Deliver me it will deliver you, faceless masses of grey and blue
The sky is falling a rain of blood
The soul?s are empty above

Strange Daze- it?s hard to accept
Strange ways- you never expect
Strange daze-Nothing makes sense
Strange Daze trying to make sense of it all

[Verse 2:]
Loss of balance with an axe to grind
People talking with nothing really on their minds
No provocation, no sparks to the flame
Investigations with nothing left say
Remember me, I won?t remember you
Dogs are howling over what you do
Skin is crawling you embrace your self I?m not feeling too well
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Strange Daze Lyrics

Quiet Riot – Strange Daze Lyrics