[Verse 1:]
I?ve been the distance and I?ve seen it all
I?ve been turned around by love and hate
I have resided in my private hell
But I love this life and I live to tell

Blind Faith is the cause of the trouble
Blind faith what we bleed

[Verse 2:]
When I was young I didn?t realize
There was hope and fear with no compromise
And now I testify before myself
I keep walking on in my innocence

I know if you follow me- you get what want, you get what you need
Somebody?s got to set you free- you get what want, you get what you need
Now don?t you give it and learn to breathe
You hear a message now before you leave
You know the fortune here that you have found
There ain?t no doubt about it, there ain?t no doubt about it
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Blind Faith Lyrics

Quiet Riot – Blind Faith Lyrics