Sitting all alone, inside, today jane.
The other girls are home, were playing a new game.
The voice is very, very close, you like it that way,
And were feeling rather warm inside.

Are you smiling or afraid?
You can have it either way.

Lady jane your eyes are wide today,
And the world is looking very strange, you must proclaim!
Its quite a scary, scary ride we take, lady jane.

Yesterday seemed very dark, but now it's bright,
Your clouds have gone away.
Sensory perception peaking at this time,
Electric waves of sound are filling janies mind today
Calling out to janie as you drift away, don't be afraid,
They're only your illusion anyway.

Lady jane your eyes are wide today.
And were sure you wont forget the things
Youve seen today!
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Lady Jane Lyrics

Queensryche – Lady Jane Lyrics

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