AttilaThe New Kings

Take a look at who's standing before you How does it feel to know you shunned us from the start? When we were begging for a chance to try You shook your head and acted like it was a joke Now what? You've got your hand out to give an offer that we can't refuse Well you must not know me well Eat shit, you're a hypocrite and I don't forget the past bitch You must be a brain dead fool Yeah, don't forget your past Everyone can see through you, fame will never last So let the new kings take the throne Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got love for us but what about last Year? I remember what you said behind our back And you swore to your god that we wouldn't do shit We are the new kings Just fucking go, look in the eyes of a king. Hold that thought let me explain You're a double crossing liar caught up in crossfire Started up a fucking fire and I threw it right back Suck it. You will never be forgiven not as long as I'm here livin And I'm never going to forget just how you treated us like shit right Right when we needed help the most You changed your fucking mind? Oh Yeah? Well I don't forget Hahahaha It's always like this When people try to change their mind as if you would forget Well I don't forget I remember every time you put us down and all the fuckin reasons why you Said We wouldn't go anywhere I remember all the shit you talked behind our back and all the lies your Spread Among the people that you call your friends © 2019