Benny HillJose's Cantina

When I met you, in Rosie's Cantina, You looked so lonesome and sad. I bought you a drink, and I said with a wink, Maybe things won't be so bad. You ordered... A large champagne cocktail, Then vodka and wine from Jerome. And as I bought it I suddenly thought it's No wonder that you're on your own. You took me... Across town to your place, My eagernes I could not hide. When we reached your floor, you closed the front door, Tell me... Why did you leave me outside... ? So I went... And sang 'neath your window, From midnight 'til turned half past three. Oh tell me sweet lady, sweet lady pray tell me, What was it you emptied on me... ? I hoped... When I met you Maria, You'd be the love of my life. I gave you my heart, but you tore it apart, So I think I'll go back to the wife... © 2019