Did you ever listen to your heart; it'll tell u that we're falling apart Like the wind hiding the water, your words say nothing at all I guess this time you won't hold me when I fall I'm confused by when you always say Don't worry baby, this time we'll get by Chorus: You stab me in my heart, over and over again I'm cold now, more than I have been before Like the sun as it sets on the sea, I'm drowning Your lies won't let me live at all, I'm drowning Verse 2: We start all over again, just like the first day Based on lies that you're here to stay No matter how close you hold me, how deep you'll kiss me, I'll be broken forever, And it will be always the same Chorus Bridge: I feel alone now in your arms, your lies can't hurt me anymore, But what hurts the most that I loved you, my baby, my Pinocchio © 2019