A Chorus LineSing!

See, I really couldn't sing I could never really sing What I couldn't do was... - Sing! I have trouble with the... - Note! It goes all around my... - Throat! It's a terrifying... - Thing! See, I really couldn't hear Which note was lower or was... - Higher! Which is why I disappear If someone says, "Let's start a... - Choir! " Hey, when I begin to... - Shriek! It's a across between I... - Squeak! And a quiver or I... - Moan! It's a little like a... - Croak! Or the record player... - Broke! What it doesn't have is... - Tone! Oh, I know you're thinking what a crazy... - Ding-a-ling But I really couldn't... - Sing! I could never really... - Sing! What I couldn't do was... - Sing! - Three blind mice... Three blind mice... It isn't intentional! - She's doing her best - Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle bells, Jingle bells It really blows my mind - She gets depressed But what I lack in pitch I sure make up in... - Power And all my friends Say I am perfect for the shower Still, I'm terrific at a... - Dance! Guys are comin' in their... - Pants! I'm a birdie on the... - Wing! But when I begin to... - Chirp! They say, "Who's the little..." - Twerp! Goin' 'pong' instead of... - ' Ping'! " And when Christmas comes And all my friends go caroling It is so dishearten - Ning! It is so disquiet - Ting! It is so discourag - Ging! Darling, please stop answer - Ring! See, I really couldn't - Sing! I could never really - Sing! Wha
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