Omega LithiumPjesma (A Song)

Sometimes these words are hard to meet Sometimes they come naturally And when there's nothing left Turn the page and start a new We're not that good, maybe we'll never be Even if we can't play This is for you, this is for them This is for those who stayed 'till the end This is the song that meets the end No other function than to blend This is the song that fills the holes And to leave you wanting for more You think we're joking, But the truth is showing Closing time's near Time for you to recollect We are done, what did you expect? Ova pjesma nosi kraj Zato rijeci pozorno slusaj Mozda otkrijes tajne Ili shvatis da lazemo te Ove rijeci prazne su Obecanje je samo varka Lazna nada, samo pjesma Nad pjesmama The song of songs Because we can't do better The song of all songs And we finally reach the end Made for the end Made to descend Into the darkness And fade out © 2018