Das RacistPower

[Verse 1: Kool A. D.] L. Ron Hubbard with no bling Vitamin Water and codeine You think you know things But you know no things I'm just waiting for the bell to go 'ding' Maybe we can sell the whole thing Keep your hand in your pocket They can smell the gold ring If somebody felled an old tree Jokingly and only three people got the joke "Is the tree pine, maple, or oak, or other?" I'm the other brother from another mother The other light meat You like me? I might be your father Sister, Sister Rodger Dodger Trickster, Big Bird Hipster, blipster Too many crackers listening for me to say "Ni—" Ahem, if you don't get it, it's fine, let it rewind Or, never play it again Say it again Sam Raimi Power, responsibility [Hook: Kool A. D.] It's too easy Even if I told you about it You probably wouldn't even believe me [X2] [Verse 2: Danny Brown] Danny the Hybrid hard like jerkin' off with arthritis Another episode You niggers still writing pilots I'm the big dog Yousa fire hydrant The big mack, spend a thousand on the islands I'm toking violent You're smoking Miley Cyrus I tell my hoes what they want To hear like I'm a psychic Don't like young hoes Those bitches can't cook I eat an old ho like the big bad wolf I cop a pound and everyday [?] is on That means I got the grams like an old folks' home Bitches licking on the dick like it's Mister Softee Blowing all on it like it's hot coffee And she deepthroat And she lick my nuts That's a combination nut lick and dick suck Das Racist, like the black quarterback Let me get a load of that for my cataracts [Hook: Kool A. D.] It's too easy Even if I told you about it You probably wouldn't even believe me [X2] [Verse 3: Heems] Otherworld Newspeak Y'all know how I spit Half-internet, half-high school cafeteria shit I'm hype how the internet get Yo, 2x4's with like splinters and shit White demons with green pockets Line up at our shows to peep game How we rock it? No qualms with cockblocking white dudes from Boston I don't know why people think we give a fuck so often We Waco, we Maaco But you are just a toucher Homie, take your heart out your chest, no [?] Talk it how I walk it Himanshu got 'nuff guff Other words: you could get roughed up, tough stuff Your band about as lame as Staind or Train "Soul Sister" hold blisters on my brain Probably think this song is about you, you vain But me, I'm burning one to Carl Thomas's "Summer Rain" Chilling, relaxing, having a good time [Verse 4: Despot] The name don't ring bells: it break doors down The neighbors hear yells from eight floors down They say "This here's Hell, it's all yours now" All around nice guys get stuffed for sport, clown Life check: 1, 2, what is this? "Your money or your life?" And I'm like, "What's the difference?" And if the price is right, I could buy all you dipshits Put him near a mike and the rest not your business Chumps Save yourself the lumps Why shoot the five a hundred times When you could shoot the nine once? And come and find a little guy can pack a supersize punch Bar sixteen, a pregnant verse come every nine months Until next time Thanks for tuning in The hooligans whose tunes is too loony for the loony bin This is how we doin', doin' This is how we do it again Going ham, going in, going hard, going limp
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