Ace HoodJust Living

Mr. Hooddd [Ace Hood - Verse 1] Okay Keys to the benz Breeze in the wind Chicks get a tan Lv's in the lense Fresh like some homemade drinks in the fridge Gotta keep a bad chick, click and her friends I'm just living my life, neck full of ice See the rims roll like the game of the dice Plus it came with the pipes, came with the top Had to get it sliced, like a head full of lice Nevermind was the price, cop it on site Neck looking like a city fell full of lights I'm a made ass nigga, bank and bigger Only 19 when I seen 6 figures Lord knows I'm a sinner, knows my dilemma Keep a thick knott, in my hard blue denim Let the hot water simmer, friends turn bitter Hope a nigga fall when they scream out timber, I be cool like the winter, no Decemeber Two bad chicks, that's a two piece dinner Ridin in a benz, I'm a Rose sippa Pour a little outt R.I.P my niggasss [Ace Hood - Verse 2] Uh, Okay I came in the game, pray for the change Click that I claim, put the name on the chain Couple years of the fame, life aint the same Plenty champagne, first class on the planes And it got a nigga laid, I just feel I'm in the daze Music that I made, I just started gettin praise Everyday I pray, god keep me in the wave Never let it phase, now I'm really gettin paid See a nigga swag, courtside Heat game Probably routin on my nigga Lebron James The homie Dwayne Wade, just lookin out for the fay Jay that's in your face, the champs is on the way Swoosh I'm in the coupe, oops there goes the roof True my bitch bad, and ass as thick as a nuis My cash will introduce, my swagger in the room Hit a couple of buttons, and the engine will vroom vroom Shorty frontin to fuck, she'll kindly get the broom And it's facts so don't assume Man you niggas are after, like noon And tell my moms new crib, got plenty of rooms Ye, Eyy, Hahaha We on our way to the good times baby © 2019