John MccutcheonWatermelon

I was out in the garden pulling up some weeds When I had got to the place where I had planted those seeds It was the biggest thing that I'd ever seen Like a giant football but the color was green Chorus: Slurp (Ptt!), Slurp (Ptt!), Slurp (Ptt!), Ahh! Slurp (Ptt!), Slurp (Ptt!), Slurp (Ptt!), Ahh! W-A-T-E-are-M-E-L-O-N(What's that spell?) Watermelon! W-A-T-E-are-M-E-L-O-N I sat down the other day just to have a little snack I took a piece of watermelon out of my sack It ran down my chin and on to my clothes I got it in my hair, man, I got it up my nose Chorus You know it's green on the outside, pink on the in But your stomach's gonna ache if you eat the white skin And you better spit the seeds, cause I'm telling you, brother They're gonna come out one end or the other Chorus © 2018