Low ProfileMake Room For The Dub.B.U.

(Alright, is everybody ready?) (Ah yeah!) (Young man went out and made a name for himself) (1-2-3-4 - hit it) [ VERSE 1: WC ] Dope, not complicated but educated This here's contiminated This ain't another record from a sucker duck crew, but My name is Dub and Aladdin's on the cut With another dope jam and a brand new style By the way, I'm from the crew called the mighty Low Profile But definitely pertainin to wack rhyme reciters You're just a new jack punk, professional, mind of biter I'm on a journey knockin out punk sissies Nah - hell, I'm about to get busy Take this microphone, plug it up and then I say, "Check 1" Who be the next dummy tryin to get some? Son, this ain't a circus, my name ain't Bozo I diss suckers and I hate Olde Gold I'm like a victim, rollin on Daytons, watchin my back And keep strapped, so I can aim at a pack Yo, this one's a funny one, I take a look around All these wanna-be Dubs in the L.A. town Who try to roll like me, talk like me, even try to act like me It doesn't do you no good to tryin to bite me Friend, you mighta seen me at a show or two Openin up, a new artist just payin my dues But now I finally got a chance to break through Yo, move back, punk, and make room for the (W) [ VERSE 2: WC ] I noticed lately at the hip-hop shows A lotta rappers on stage got the crowd sayin "ho" And the girlies say "aw" in between in rhymes Song after song, yo, line after line "Say ho" played out with bell-bottoms and afros What's the matter, you're scared to come original? Nowadays the whole rap scene is outrageous Amateurs, wanna-be's steppin on stages Suckers know I'm comin and I'm steadily creepin
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