Brooks & DunnWhy Would I Say Goodbye

I guess I lost my head last night Kept on 'til I made you cry Walked out with my stubborn pride Wasn't nothing you could do to stop me I hit the road but I didn't get far Just drove around all night in my car Now I'm not sure where to start To tell you that I'm sorry [Chorus] I just want to hold you I don't want to hurt you I don't want to leave I just want to be with you And after living alone, lost for so long Finally found the love of my life Why would I say goodbye I don't know what is is about the edge of a cliff Makes we want to get so close to it I guess this time I finally slipped What a foolish way to end it Maybe that's why I'm back here now Got both feet back on the ground Hopin' you won't turn me down When I ask you for forgiveness [Chorus] © 2018