Bo BurnhamMen & Woman

Men and women Men are like vows, cause they are easily broken Women are like cows, cause they both have vaginas Men are like muzzles ya, cause they will try to shut you up Women are like puzzles cause prior to 1920 neither had the right to vote Puzzles still don't A man is an eagle a women is a dove Women can fake orgasms but men can fake love Women are like fingers and toes, cause there easy to count on (that's cute) Men are like ravens and crows, cause they hate using condoms Women are like Yahtzee, cause I rarely get them And men are like Nazis, cause they both caused the holocaust (it's true) For every dollar a man makes a woman makes 70 cents That doesn't make sense, that's not fair The man's only left with 0. 30! Oh men and women, it's black and white With an area of grey for hermaphradite (oh yeah) Male strippers always look like there applying lotion And female strippers when there dancing on the pole just look like confused firemen Thanks © 2019