BeautiGrace For Katie

Walking through yesterdays Sorrows I need to stay whole I've got no place left to go Will I ever be home... no Misplaced affections In all the wrong places you know You cannot make love will I ever be whole... no Answer me, tell me I'm wrong That you can't help me Answer me, tell me I'm not losing hope We're calling for grace for Katie Falling so terrible short And I wanna catch her Confused and alone I find her hard to handle Why don't you walk out the door I know it's better If you would have no ride home Where hear ache has lived so long Chasing your dreams in the dark While your screaming out loud But nothing is making a sound Do you need to cry out ohhh If you really love me then Why not tell me to stand tall And help life my face off the floor Will I ever be whole... no © 2018