Daughter Farmer'sYou And Only You

Who was I dreaming of this morning? Who has that sweet and gentle touch? Who is the boy I can't get off my mind? Who am I wanting so much? I ask myself could this be true Could it be love that's breaking through What's the reason I feel like I do? [Chorus:] You and only you You and only you Who makes my heart beat faster? Who feels so good here in my arms? Who is the boy that I'm just crazy about? Who has shown me all his hidden charms? And who has got me mesmerized Each time I look into his eyes? Who has got me hooked on his love too? [Chorus:] x2 Who's gonna love me more tomorrow With love that's stronger than today? Who can I trust with this old heart of mine? Who is the boy I want to stay? [Chorus:] repeat til end
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