ViolatorAddicted To Mosh

Attack! Thrashers return to this city To bring back all the insanity That has been lost through the time But now is time to remember Raise your fist and destroy your neck Against the stage A feeling inside drives you Fuckin' mad Dive in the crowd and slam All around Adrenalin explodes. Take your life back In the pit We Thrash to Live Addicted to Mosh We Bang 'til Death With no remorse If mania boils in your blood Then you know it's for real! Thrash! Tight pants, denims with patches Our way, the underground! We are in league, and we won't admit Anyone say it as a trend No breakdowns and no pretensions. All we want is the Thrashbanger beat Unstoppable head banging We're obsessed by old school spirit Addicted to Mosh! © 2019