Porter WagonerMy Last Two Tens

(Going home, going home Tell all my friends that I'm going home.) (Spoken) If you should see me and I can't walk Then if you should speak and I can't talk Feel of me if I'm cold There's a shovel in the car to dig the hole. No I don't expect this last favour for nothing Cause I know you're a busy man my friend So look on the end of the handle You'll find attacked two tens. There's a phone number on the back of the shovel Of a dear friend of days gone by Call her and tell her to bring her sister I've already gave them two tens to cry. The Lord's prayer's engraved on a penny In the left pocket of my coat I carry this with me for two reasons The last so I never was broke. Oh, I've had a lot of beautiful dreams Of things that might have been So please buy some pretty flowers In my right pocket is my last two tens. I've made a little money in my time But perhaps more than a lot of men But I spent it all havin' a ball With a few fairweather friends. But you know I brought nothin' With me to this old earth And now that my journey ends Me and this old world broke Even since you have my last two tens (Going home, going home Tell all my friends that I'm going home...)
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