SavvyJr High

Sittin' on the stoop, eatin lunch, watchin cars goin by. Talkin bout boys, passin notes and tellin lyes. Washin my jeans so they're perfectly faded. That was all before I got so jaded In Jr. High In Jr. Hi-i-igh 6th grade first boyfriend, holding hands alone Home at 4, close the door, till I'm on my own Listen to the radio and writin' in my diary Wonderin if he would ever talk to me In Jr. High In Jr. Hi-i-igh Kareoke, playing games to the mall, back again Slumber parties, prank calls, runnin down all the halls Best friends, enimies, stay up late, till 3 Spin the bottle, chewing gum, don't get caught, had fun! At the movies pg-13 Not grown-up just in between Too old to be a kid not old enough, Learnin about life can be pretty tough In Jr. High In Jr. Hi-i-igh 7th grade when all the girl got mean Had to create my own little scene Somebody had a party and I was uninvited That's when we all became so divided In Jr. High In Jr. Hi-i-igh (Sings softly into microphone) In Jr. High In Jr. Hi-i-igh In Jr. High © 2019