MonsterProstitute Yourself

Just look outside and you'll see Something that has gone too far Just feel the pressure and hate in their minds Contrasting more everyday Richness and poorness are there Livin' in a place that they don't want to share Everyday, anyway, everywhere you look It's all the same you've got to Prostitute yourself, do just as they say Sell your body and soul it doesn't matter anyway Prostitute yourself, to live a decent life But how you call it decent If your living is just a lie And anywhere that you look Poverty lies in those souls They try to tell themselves nothing is wrong Everyday, anyway, we pretend we're not The one to blame you've got to Lie, hate, fakeness, that's just what we are Pressure, stress, tension, that's what we've got Political animal, diplomatical hipocrisy If you can't see the truth Why don't you take a look at me... © 2018