WileyHappens For A Reason

Intro Aw you see wen sumin happens yer You no everything happens for a reason init So you no wen sumin happens it happens for a reason You no that init rascal It all happens for a reason just brush ur shoulders you get me Hello hi hi It all happens for a reason just brush ur shoulders you get me, you get me Hello we're rollin deep yer Verse 1 I no you hate coz of wot happened now its all changed And I'm not saying you shud like me coz I wont change And I'm not trying to b rough now I'm just holding it down You no that life best see it can go up n down I no you hate me coz I was just being a wiley You shudn't fink I'm sick I'm normal I'm very real (real) I no you hate me coz you fort I was going on grimy you Shudn't think that I was just showing a little love I'm real(I'm real) I wouldnt do anything directly cumon this is me we're talkin bout I'm just me I'm rowdy powdy and you no I wudn't hurt you on purpose Cumon this is me we're talking about I'm not here for dat purpose And I wudn't do anytin against you it was just you n me rollin deep Me n her dat was just da next thing N I wudnt do anything 2 stop ur career you can still b here A boy is a boy and a gal is a gal I swear Chorus Hate is a stong word Fink y do you hate me I'm not against you I'm not against you If it happens then it happens 4 a reason It must of hey yall it must of happened 4 a reason It must o happened 4 a reason (repeat) Verse 2 Next bois I no you hate me coz I go on every station its ok I don't wana b tied down 2 just 1 station its ok I no you hate me coz you fink I rite lyrics N I aint da matia crew(crew) cumon blood dats not true Coz I no hu is hu and I no where I'm from And I no I am me and I no you are you So you shud no hu is hu and you shud no where ur from (from) And you shud no I am me and you shud no you are you U got 2 understand we are gona always do our fing You must understand we're not trying 2 be beta than you U must understand I'm just trying 2 make sum money man Uve gotta understand I'm not watching anybodys plans Weve got our own plans We're not gona sit here and watch it fail Weve got our own plans Me and role deep sea clear We got our own plans Don't b pulled by roomers that you hear we got our own plans And rite now my time is cumin near you shouldn't Chorus Verse 3 Fings happen 4 reason If we have an arguement Wen we don't see eye 2 eye it happens 4 a reason If you don't have it you don't have it 4 a reason 4 bad or 4 worse(worse) It can all 4 a reason Willy ca was put on this earth 4 a reason We roll g's on the street 4 a reason I am cold in my heart for a reason yall yall Chorus
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