Dierks BentleySo So Long

Girl I caught you in your little white lie Red handed, red handed You said you had to work tonight But here you are dancin', slow dancin' In this honky tonk with someone else And all you got to say for yourself is so... So? I'm sorry, so? [Chorus:] So, So long, bye bye baby I'll catch you on the flip side maybe, don't you Slip slide on a tear when you find me gone Go go on, cry crybaby Those tears are gonna drip dry maybe But you're gonna miss my good love baby For so so long So so long Let me buy you a goodbye drink Make it a double, a double 'Cause I've seen everything I need to see You're nothin' but trouble, big trouble And one other thing before I go I wanna tell you that I think you're so.. So.. So.. Aw, I ain't gonna sink that low [Repeat Chorus] I bet you think I'm gonna let it slide The way you're flashin' me those puppy dog eyes Right?.. Yeah right... Right?... Wrong [Repeat Chorus] So so long So so long
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