Burns RobertA Waukrife Minnie

A Waukrife Minnie (Robert Burns) 'Whare are you gaun, my bonie lass ? Whare are you gaun, my hinnie?' She answer'd me right saucilie- 'An errand for my minnie!' 'O whare live ye, my bonie lass? O, whare live ye, my hinnie?' 'By yon burnside, gin ye maun ken, In a wee house wi my minnie!' But I foor up the glen at e'en, To see my bonie lassie; And lang before the grey morn cam, She was na hauf sae saucy. O, weary fa' the waukrife cock, And the foumart lay his crawin! He wauken'd the auld wife frae her sleep, A wee blink or the dawin. An angry wife I wat she raise, And o'er the bed she brought her, And wi a meikle hazel-rung She made her a weel-pay'd dochter. O fare, thee-weel, my bonie lass, 'O, fare, thee-weel, my hinnie! Thou art a gay and a bonie lass, But thou has a waukrife minnie!' Tune: A waukrife minnie (311) Filename[ WAUKMINI Play.exe WAUKMINI ARB ===DOCUMENT BOUNDARY===
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