Drive-By TruckersAftermath USA

When I crawled out of bed this morning I could tell something wasn't right There were cigarettes in the ashtrays They weren't your menthol lights There were beer bottles in the kitchen And broken glass on the floor Someone must have slipped me something Passed out a couple days before The car was in the carport sideways Big dent running down the side Never seen anything as frightening As when I took a look inside Smell of musk and deception Heel marks on the roof-line Bad music on the stereo All the seats in recline The aftermath staring me right in the face I'll get around to breaking even one of these days My credit cards have all been maxed out The meat in my freezer all thawed The irs laid the facts out It's all worse than I thought The welfare lady said enough is enough The kids ain't been to school in weeks Crystal-meth in the bathtub Blood splattered in my sink Laying around in the aftermath It's all worse than you think © 2019