Dru DownFools From The Streets

F/ The Luniz * Send corrections to the typist (Verse 1: Numskull) I'ma hustla to the heart, pardon me dolly I mastered the dice large, and even three card molly Slappin bozo nigga's for twenty bucks a rock Plus I slang mad rocks on the spot, fuck the cops Now I'm on the ball, cause it's all good in the hood I'm glad as fuck, dropped outta school because I hate math and stuff Lay low, runnin off my pager, can't press my luck Stingy as fuck, wit my bucks like Scrooge Mcduck Nobody could, stop the operation stackola Get back roller, you can't fuck wit this crackola Because I got the carribean, plates just like a nubian Happy so the five-0 won't jack me Fuck the jail shit, it's corny Bitches know I'm horny The nigga's that I hang wit got crew cause life is corny We precieve the gat to the end so that you know Shit I pull more bitches then menaudo Let me quit, the nigga's on the spot wanna take me out Drive by ms. Daisy, to raise me, and take me plot I got ya duckem, don't slip for nobody(fuck em!) Schemes gettin thought up, I'm never gettin caught up Keepin my pockets so fat, swift on my feet Sayin I'm out to the fools that's on my street [Verse 2: Yukmouth) Well it's the crap shooter Love to hit the fat buddah sack, and you know that My crew comes together like????? Raised in the ghetto's of oakland Had dope in my pocket, servin knocks in the open Walked close, and door close when I was on the night shift Got a few indictments, day to day excitements out my life quift Rollin in my cousins big K-5 Holy moly, I stay high by drinkin 40's Had roly poly dice in my pocket for the school house crap game I had a dangle roll, sometimes I wanna strangle ho's But I scoop em like a spoon full of cereal Never ate a trick cause that's for kids duke you hear me though But rigger though, never was rigor-mortis so face it Pocket's on fat like a Jenny Craig patient, it ain't shit But a come up, when I roll up on they knock Fuck pops, I gotta have my props I'm runnin shit like flo jo Never fucked a hobo But I got my dick sucked Now she's got the hiccups I wakes up, move a??? Head if ya dangle I'm down, you'll fuck around and get ya neck strangled To swing a sell, and chop rocks to the whole dim sprayer Cause what I got will make ya sing a song like the Gap band Likes ta dangle muthafucka's out they cash like A shista [Verse 3: Dru Down) Well I'm the sickest, wickedst nigga you'd wanna be A damn fool from the streets, killin enemies And as I'm sleepin in my street I'm havin nightmares I'm fully prepared, and fully awared And strapped wit the armorgauge And as a nigga wakes up, I'm havin thoughts of a murder scene Robbery, oohhh, I had to hit the streets Feelin, feelin, I like the fuckin smell of some flesh Killin, killin, I like to put a whole lot in yo chest A maniac, runnin down the streets in the ghetto I see a limo, a white man in tuxedo Tryna be slick, but he's A task Knowin damn well he wouldn't catch me, I'm too fast Cause I will bust a gauge or two, 'Rupt the fuckin living rooms And If I had to getway, I'll find another place to stay Cause I'ma slick, quick nigga you can't fuck wit A brotha from the gutter doin dirt, and I love it Afterwards, I'm chokin like a damn fool Smokin on the blunt, a yabba, dabba, fuckin do Cause I'm luni like the luni fuckin tunes I need to go snatch a purse so I can rent a room Somebody jumpin out the bushes wit A strap Y'all Checkin everything except the shit in yo drawers, y'all I know???? Is sweepin nigga's off they feet A murderize killer, sick fool from the street, yeah
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