Michael Martin MurpheyA Face In The Crowd

There are people everywhere Who'd give everything that they own for someone to care Lonely faces without names Caught in an endless circle of empty games The shadows grow so dark On the light of a lonely heart But lying here in your arms, oh how I shine Chorus: It's hard to be just a face in the crowd Knowing that I'm loved by you When the whole wide world is narrowed down Baby it just takes two People as far as I can see When you're walking next to me My feet don't even touch the ground It's hard to be a face in the crowd Hard to be a face in the crowd I have been fooled so many times In a world of hello's and goodbye's where love's hard to find Then you brought magic into my life There was never a doubt in my mind I knew it was right Now I'm no longer just a face A runner in a lonely race The tears have all been replaced, you make me smile Repeat Chorus Bridge: Just yesterday I used to feel so small Didn't count at all Repeat Chorus Face in the crowd Face in the crowd Face in the crowd Face in the crowd
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