I'm the fucking Whargoul, I'm the ghost of Minas Morgul I destroyed your life, I raped your wife I am Whargoul, I am uncool, I am Whargoul I've been many faces, been many names Known love and hate until they were the same I bring ruin, I am Whargoul, am I human? They think that they know what I know They think they know what's best I think that's why they killed me, that's why I joined the ss In revenge for Malmedy, they used a blowtorch on me Nice try, Whargoul cannot die You blow off my arm I laugh at the pain And after the battle I feast on the slain Seeking my creator, taking from the strong Yes, you see I need your strength, so I can kill the wrong Seeking my creator, taking from the weak Yes, you see I need you, so I can snuff the meek Savor the silence - Whargoul Addicted to violence They used a bulldozer, to run my ass over Arms to the sky, 40, 000 died, but I survived I don't care what flag that I choose, I don't care if I win or lose I don't care if you have to die, just fight without a side, never say die! Stalingrad 42, became a living tomb Yes, human souls Profit for the prophet and the creatures who control 46 I got away, from the horrid thing that I did at Malmedy And though I gained strength at the time Still they call for vengeance for the hatred of my crime Then I tried to drink myself to death 40 years went by, and drunken I was left And drunk I was when they caught me Gagged and bagged was right where they got me Taped to a chair feeling sore Knowing all the answers to the question I ignore They burned off my face with a propane torch Then they blew up my porch Then I fought against the usa, trapped in a trench till the bulldozers came Changed sides, and flew the bloody warthog Highway of death and the day of the dog And once again, I died alive, sent home in a box but somehow I survived Maybe you've got my face, I'm the demon of war © 2018