Stevie WonderFrankie & Johnny

Frankie & Johnny were sweethearts At least, that's the way the story goes Frankie bought everything for Johnny From his sports-car to his Ivy League clothes Oh, he was a man allright, Oh, but he was doing a-wrong Just to show you what came happen A friend came running to Frankie Said you know I wouldn't tell you no lie I saw your man riding in his Jaguar With a chick named Mary Bley Oh if he was your man honey Let me tell you he was doing you wrong Let me tell the story Frankie ran around the corner And peeked in a swinging place And there she saw Johnny with a woman He had his arm around her waist Oh he was a man alright But Frankie could see that he was doing a-wrong Oh let me tell you Frankie reached down in her pocketbook And up with a long 44 She shot once, twice, three times And Johnny fell on the hardwood floor Oh he was a man alright But she shot him because he was doing a-wrong But the last thing he told her was Frankie, you know I love you Why, honey why did you do that Frankie, I was telling her about you Frankie, you know I love you Frankie, you know that I love you Yeah, yeah, yeah Frankie you know good well that I love you Frankie I'll always love you baby Frankie, you know I can't do without you Frankie, you know I love you I'm your man and I know I was doing a-wrong © 2018