GinuwineChedda Brings

[Chorus:] I was ready to change the game before fittin my love to something the same I feel like this one wants it for the fame And the bitch silly to think I would look again Cause you lost this nigga and a damn good friend Thought you'd stick around like a Clinton stain I was looking forward to those better things Guess it's just the problems that the chedda brings Just the problems that the chedda brings [Verse:] But I finally found my soul sista Convinced I had it all fell in love quicker Been going through it all this time but I'm so sick of Your games I'm so sick of your games You fuckin with the wrong nigga Must be out your mind or on some strong liquor How could I still want you when half the neighborhood's been witcha I can't you've already your chance feelin on my Benjamin's [Chorus:] [Verse 2:] She was a gold digga And she knew how to put a hole in a nigga pocket for the cold figgas Chain you up and whip ya take your poly roly picture Oops black male when she get it on with ya Mmmm she the type to do her thing Type to lock you down for half 'a the estate Come around the way (so fellas beware of the fucking games) She'll ruin your name and empty out the safe [Chorus:] [Verse 3:] I tried I tried again to make it work but how you ask me if I feel the same You always talking bout that you naked and you complain While you were here to cash your check that's under my name Although I'm sweet on you like sugar Cain I gotta bring Look at me dead up in my face and ain't the least of shame Well women come a dime a dozen I got loose change Ready to be and cashed in for my heart's pain God damn the problemsthat this chedda brings [Jose Rap] Jose had this Betty testing her game Using that black gold that's what I get she's gets in my pockets Strings like a lasso It's past dough she's after my G's oush my reality I'm mashed though paying her rent and now she's mad at me Is that so Saying well Jose you're bout to blow Doing songs with Ginuwine, Sole, and Lil' Mo I'm like what you talking I don't know G you don't know me and you've been talking side ways a lil' often And that's why my thing softens I start to lose interest A gold digga with a fetish for riches so bear witness You see the difference between women and chickens Skizers and sisters cause the chedda brings change in teh game we talking figures [Chorus:] © 2019