Marshall CrenshawOur Town

(m. crenshaw) I hear something in the sounds that surround me That only seems to remind me That I'm lost and longing for a different place and time I wanna be walking down the avenue Tall buildings staring down on me and you But all I have is pictures running through my mind Chorus: Sunlight dying People rushing madly all around Sirens crying Gotta grab the next thing back to our town Before the whole thing crumbles to the ground Do you remember the promise I gave you? The one I swore I would hold to Well you're there, I'm here and everything I said was wrong So we're not out with the crowd nights Not walking under the bright lights All I can do is dream about it all night long. Chorus: (as above) Bridge: It's the place where we keep our hopes and dreams The place where I lost my heart it seems All people looking for danger and romance Drop by there while you still have the chance 'cause it's all gonna tumble down It's gonna shake apart and crumble to the ground. © 2019