Mc ChrisChinese Song

Chinese Song Microphone Testing, 1, 2, 3 In the place to be What's up everybody My name is Tai Mai Shoo And I am going to rapping for you today Just a little free-style But first and foremost I like to thanking roadie styles Beyond compare For getting my belt back and helping me promotion my fuse And in return I will teach them how to make 1 million dollars Wow, and when you hear it you will be like wow, I don't believe So simple No skills involed at all I could have falled that myself And then he say what, what the hell?! I don't believe Check it out though I was cruisin down the street in my Impala They asked me who the girl in tha car That's just my baby momma, don't give a fuck about da hoes I sock that bitch in tha jaw Cause I despise and put the nail in that ho Cause I'm too sick, gimme the heebee jeebees Break in all the houses, steal all your tv's Kick your daddy in the peepee Yea as you can see see I run around the corner and laughing, hee hee, hee hee Put ur mama in a headlock, or a full nelson Then I let your neighber watch Chinese food and girls And then I raped his mama Cause I'm too sick And that bitch didn't giv no-o shit Now back in my Impala Sick ass 82 Saw my friend young His first name is egg foo A lot people don't like me But I don't give a fuck cause I stole your tv Its in my fucking collaleena I wish today was Sunday So I can get a cheeseburger for 39 Cent! At Mcdonalds, baby! And I, wish it was Wednesday So I could get a hamburger for 29 cent! At Mcdonalds (baby!) at Mcdonalds! © 2019