Gerald LevertAnswering Service

Hello this is Angela I'm sorry I'm unable To answer this call right now So please at the sound Of the beep Leave your name and number And I will contact you As soon as possible I know you're there baby It just ain't right The way you're treating me I wish you would listen, and Open up and try to undersatnd How I feel, I miss you I love you and I just want You to know I'll always be there for you Chorus I love you hope you get This message I don't deserve this talking To you answering service I need you hope you Get this message I don't deserve this talking To your answering service Girl I know that I hurt you And I apologize But I would feel so much better If I could look into those big brown eyes Oh baby Is there a pleasure you get In making me suffer like this oh I just wanna hear you say Hear you say I love you Girl that's what I really miss Why you wanna treat me like this Chorus I know your girlfriends are there listening But I don't really give a damn no And you might have a man around But baby I know I'm your only I'm your one and only man And I wantcha to know that Chorus I know I really hurt you deep But since then I haven't been able to sleep Can't you just forgive an forget but I Guess not 'Cause you ain't picked up the phone yet No no Can't you see I'm crying baby I know you hear me baby Talking to your answering service I don't deserve this And I don't give a damn if your friends is Listening So why don't you pick up the phone And call me up 'cause without you girl Life is too damn tough too damn tough Chorus I don't care who knows I don't care who knows How I feel about you baby Life is too damn tough Said why don't you pick up the phone Chorus Fade © 2019