Stevie WonderFingertips Part 1

Fingertips Part 1 & 2 6: 24 Trk 2 (Clarence Paul and Henry 'Hank' Cosby) Little Stevie Wonder (Steveland Morris) Fingertips Part 2 -Pop Chart #1 June 22, 1963 Recorded: Live at The Regal Theatre Chicago Tamla (Motown) Records #54080 Album: Stevie Wonder Early Classics Spectrum cd 544211-2 Part 1: (bongo drum background) 'Yeah' 'Yeah' Spoken: Ladies and gentlemen, now I'm going to do a song Taken from my album, 'The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie' The name of the song is called, umm, 'Fingertips'. Now, I want ya to clap yo' hand, come on. Come on! Yeah! Stomp yo' feet Jump up and down, do anything that you wanna do! Yeah! Yeah! > (3: 15 approx. On the track) Ev'rybody say, 'Yeah' (Yeah, yeah!) Say, yeah! (Yeah!) Say, yeah (Yeah!) Yeah? (Yeah!) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (instrumental & harmonica) Just a little bit-a so-whoa-whoa-whoa-oh-oul Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah Clap your hands, just a little bit louder Clap your hands, just a little bit louder (harmonica & instrumental) Stevie sings: I know that ev'rybody had, yeah Ev'rybody have a good time So, if you want me to If you want me to I'm gonna swing a-song Yeah, just-a one mo' time Be sure I'll come back Just-a one more time When I come back So, good-bye (harmonica) Announcer spoken: How about it? Let's hear it for him, huh? Little Stevie Wonder Take a bow, Steveland (instrumental) (harmonica) (piano) Unk crowd woman: 'Yeah!, Harry, get down! ' Band member: (What key? What key?) Other band member: (Been tellin' you) Band member: (You been tellin' me, what?) (instrumental) (drums) Stevie: Hey! Come on! Well, good-bye, good-bye A-good-bye, good-bye Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye I'm gonna go, yeah I'm gonna go, yeah Let's just swing it one more time! (instrumental and harmonica to end) Announcer: 'How 'bout it? ' 'Go ahead an shake this up for me real good' 'Stevie Wonder. ' ~ © 2018