Organized KonfusionLate Night Action

No question we doin this shit once more, once more Intro/chorus: all together The mic strikes, the main event, there's no dull moment They frail cause their shell lack one component That's the motive of locs, big payback shit Organizin, for your late night action (repeat 2x, substitute fourth line in first repeat with "organizin") [prince poetry] I'm comin through to administer sinister, effects Funky ghetto intellects, infrareds and the tecs Cause foes envy, look for the remi I had it in me Bark loud with the dogs like them frogs on? Skinny spinday? [boke rule or cairo] Gimme gimme, you sweet get licked like yum-yum's Run up on your set with pumps and dum-dum's I let a nigga shine with his glass house image Cause everything he own is us, with percentage [pharoahe monch] Aiyyo I never sold coke (what?) never cut class (uhh) Never shot handbrawl but I smoke a little grass, who? Clever with the math, queens remember boom bash tricks? When it comes to rap, pharoahe gets up in that ass quick Chorus: repeat 2x [all together] We on the creep, gotta eat, on this level of next Hold it down control the frequency in cash and s** Another beat, hit the street, neat deposit the checks Baby girl freaked it and? Stump? In those discotechques When we get on people say, "hey yo they ain't no joke" But these mc's steady schemin lookin all down our throat Organized and I'll rahlos got your bubble on float Now think about but overall nigga consider it broke [cairo or boke rule] Premeditated combustible, skills variated In the chamber of the cockback, waiting to be fragnated Just in case it's deadly the occupied skated Then faded into a state, that made them obligated to wild Motherfuckin mic striker, I splash with the rubber grip Rapid fire star trek phaser, ain't nuttin over here Mickey mouse phantasia, get your mouth Filled with blood, tryin to fuckin front like frasier [prince poetry] Blaze ya, like the finest herbs imported from asia My laser, kinetics cuts ass like a razor Prince the major I'm h-bomb, ready to burst With ambidexterous rhythms for your auto-reverse Chorus: repeat 2x [boke rule or cairo] Main event, mic strike, the holdin down the shit bit I'm hip, caught the wire they were bringin in equipment (bring it on motherfucker) who the mojo, launched from a distance How could get grant union, infiltrate with precision Nigga you could get your ass slammed, get your ass slammed Niggaz lyrics is funny like? Funk go lan? But not my mens we organized legendary Slicin devils or bustin pushin bitches off the ferry [pharoahe monch] Very spectacular rap, vocabulary vernacular Shit i'ma get the rhythm precise, that of an accurate Splice to tape, be calibrated like a mechanic Say it son! You borough nigga my aerodynamics is all that Chorus: repeat 2x © 2019