Lil WestCompared & Hated

(Intro) My mom said I can't cuss no more so But you know, I got- I gotta say somethin' Shout out Kell 'n them DJ Patt, what up? Yeah, yeah, aye, yeah (Verse) She knew we would never last Tell a joke I would never laugh When I jump in her mouth it's a bubble bath Make her jump on that dick and I dip I jump right in that coupe with the tint Yellow water my neck, call it Flint I rock- , Miyagi and Rick Why that bit keep on saying i'm mixed? And I had to get rid of that kid baby I been gettin' the money and head lately Fuckin' your friend I was really faded - on my bitch 'cause I really made it I just came in the game and i'm sick of playin' How the fuck niggas ain't know? Back stabbin' and steppin' on toes Give a fuck about niggas and hoes Pop a bottle 'cause I got it mo' Pickin' bitches, eenie miney mo If she suckin' dick then she can roll All of this for tickets to a show Man I love this shit but then I don't As the same time this shit is goals Got a thot bitch on the floor Trynna fuck me and my woe And I get all these drugs for a flat rate Gotta thotty white bitch with a fat cake I hit all them bitches yeah, that way Put my weight on this bitch make her back break And I need that mufuckin' rack - cause my baby just want me to win I hope this lil bitch get a back brace 'cause i'm smashing that pussy again Ooh, they say i'ma level up Ooh, my bro heavy metaled up Ooh, I feel like a slave now Ooh, 'cause my chains is heavy, yeah Ooh, and fuck my competitors Ooh, the ones that i'm better than Ooh, I boost my adrenaline Ooh, I give 'em a million Ooh, now who really fuckin' with me? If you think that they is then i'm killin' 'em Ooh, and tell them lil niggas if they really fuckin' with me they can get it then Ooh, they compare me to all of these niggas that weak as a bitch and it's sickening Ooh, and shout out to niggas that's rockin' with me and the bitches i'm hittin' Yeah, I barely give a fuck about all of the money and all of the listens Shit, I capitalize off of all of that shit 'cause it's still in the mission Ooh, I just really want my foot in the game and my dick in a mistress And all of the bitches that I see on the 'gram and is still in my interests Enemies turn into friends and some of them hoes As soon as they callin' for bands just act like you always be missin' they calls Always be out on the road, always be doing them songs Cut that bitch right out the plans, soon as you get you the guap I knew this all along, told you this shit was your fault You could be gone tomorrow if they call me right back to New York You know what type time I was on baby, don't act like you didn't I was worried about fuckin' these bitches than getting you something for Christmas Give a fuck about money and shows, I just want designer and bitches That's the type of shit that I was on, i'm just so in love with the woman I can not stop myself, you can not help my rep I'm like a Hershey Kiss to all these bitches I get on they tongue and I melt Yeah yeah © 2019