Lil WestKeepBreathing

Verse 1 I tried to show niggas the way but they never committed The reason I worry 'bout myself 'cause I know I can vouch when I get to those digits Run up the track for Young Blizzard Or i'll run the semi Shawty might fuck with a nigga So i'll be the nigga they envy you motherfucka Verse 2 Aye, i'm on a whole 'nother level of handing business Aye, I put a four in the Sprite 'cause i'm trynna remix it Aye, i'm in the kitchen, whippin', fuck up the dishes I got some bitches, and they be kissing, i'm in the trenches That's why I never run around stickless Out with my hand up, I feel like Hitler I make a hundred rounds jump interest Just to be in it, look when I enter I'm on a whole 'nother level winning I'm on a whole 'nother level killing I ain't finna stop til the clip finish I'm on the block treat it like a kitchen Too many blocks got a nigga trippin' Too many cops got a nigga missin' I got the rock, got the bitch twitchin' I be your neighborhood drug dealer Catch you a fade, i'm loading my clip up I'm getting paid, let's go out to dinner Still finna spray and get me that skrilla And y'all niggas slave to all of my bitches Lawd, it comes to a time when you gotta just Bounce on the niggas you with And bounce on the friends that was closest Knowing they really ain't shit I gotta whole 'nother bitch I gotta whole 'nother clique I gotta whole 'nother sound Shit I got a whole bunch of shit © 2019