Lil WestYour Ears Are Pierced? Bool

[Verse] I'm the nigga she wanna expose I got pics of this bitch with no clothes She wanna suck on my dick I say no Take a trip with me baby let's go I might fuck around switch on my main But I could never switch on my bro You would think wit yo foot in the game You would leave all these bitches alone But it only made me do the most All these chains they making me choke It's a lot that you probably should know When I land them bitches on go When they lame they do what you want It's a pain when bitches be broke It's a shame when niggas be too When she fuck with the gang we lit When them niggas ashamed they switch I got niggas that aim to kill But I never complained a bit Boy I got me a plane to catch Boy you know I can't wait to flex And yo bitch know I hate to text All this money I slay my ex Fuck with me cause she know that I got it And she know I like rocking Designer She know it's only me and my partner Body hot like a motherfucking sauna She know I really came from the bottom She know I don't like telling nobody Oh she know I want cuff no more thotties Fifty fifty my bitch get a stack Time is money that's calling collect They need bars like a motherfucking flat On that pussy like motherfucking panties On that tongue like a motherfucking tac Fuck me better when she need the rent Suck my dick without having consent Give me head without having no sense Go a mile when you give her an inch That's why I don't like to fuck with these bitches I was out like "How much did i spend?" My bitch said that she love what I spent Ain't my fault should see a new bitch She don't like how I move Hate when I call these little bitches boo Whip full of hoes she know I could choose Ain't [?] nigga allowed I don't play by the rules That's why she hate when I'm dripping like juice I put dick in her body I'm back on the mood Know I can't keep my little bitch out the loop I won't lie to my bitch no more I tell the truth Switch on my bitch she might think that I'm fu Dropping 300 on all on my kicks Spent like 300 a week on some food I got this ice in my motherfucking wrist Now this bitch think that I'm catching the flu If I jump out this whip know I got something to prove She could say I'm a dub but I still never lose Boy you notice how money make everybody stick? Especially when all them motherfuckers blue Aye blow on that dick like a fucking kazoo Aye she pop that pussy like water balloons I know it's water all over my neck but you still couldn't make me go jump in the pool © 2019