Young DroTestimonial

[Spoken Word: IYA] Everyday I pray to make it out the slums Lord But I know peace don't come easy, so I work hard for it Got my ears to these streets, eyes to the sky Hands on supply, ready to buss on any busta lookin' for a come up I speak for the overcomers, for those accustomed to the dungeons Where they ain't no stories of rags to riches, just rags to more raggedy Avenues filled with addicts addicted to not having shit Where the helpless get high to cope with their existence The homeless buy hope and kids sit on corners, pitchin' ideas to pass us by wishin' life supplied them with an intermission Prayin' for a break, a breakthrough, in a second just to take 'em to the intuition Tryna sow the sea, our sons and daughters need to see more love more hugs and more kisses My heart's cold, so I suppose I scold my own reflection in the mirror But, one step at a time, may the divine blessed the divine and heal those who hide behind the faces who are sighed This hindsight got my mind right, so I pray my little light encourages yours enough to shine © 2019