Marcelle OnlineTalk Like A Waterfall

Verse 1 Still alive, now the world beckons me, Get my head above the water and I breathe, Think of people that I know, hesitate, Who is gonna listen, hear, care that I did it again, So I... Call up all my friends who can bend, who can understand, Really want a man with a plan and a heart and head, See inside of me, connect and share a dream, Why then do I hide the sweetest part of me? Chorus Just wanna talk like a waterfall, To the Girls from my school cause we've known each other forever now. Or go back home, drive down to the sea, Hippie friend, thespian, tell me what I need? Now it's time to go back to him, the music man, Who hold up a mirror to me Rap DJ, Do ya thing and get the place jumpin', With the tight beat to get the blood pumpin', Get the party live, turn the place into a dance floor, Here we go, here we go, here we go again. Verse 2 So I pour out my heart, simple dreams, To my friends, we take, we give, what we need. But a hole it opens up, and it breathes, Then a journey filled with love soothes and makes me believe, Cirles End... Reveal to me the truth, I am not shallow water girl, Deep into my eyes, love inside, see the hurt I feel, Proud of who I am, Why can't I tell you that? Smashing all the doors, need your love in me. Chorus Rap What's hot, what's not, tell me what you got, Welcome to the party of the have and the have nots, Who's thematically like a bunch of freaky robots? Here we go, here we go, here we go again. Verse 3 Know the love that you give lives in me, Every one of you, I care so deeply, There are time where I confuse, yeah I know, When the many side of me cannot agree, I just gotta fall...true belief. Celebrate with me, for the soul, never going back, I can feel the light, justified, feel the way I feel, Never said that I would be simple of dull, Now you know I'm deep, feel the love in me. Chorus X2 © 2019