Misery IndexThe Color Of Blood

What instills fear into the hearts of men The pale blank stare of the bastard sons of Sam Waltons perched on high, big brother Bush's patriot act As Fear, the great inhibitor, can motivate the taking of lives back Consume... your empire your tomb We sold our SUV's We bleeding red and black We got up from our knees And took that shit from Wal-Mart back And I could give a f*ck about this shit robot parade Red white and blue and sleep And so soundly they shall stay I'll curse this till my throat will bleed, bleeding red and black In the wake of awakening, red and f*cking black Consume... your empire your tomb Lying to yourself, a state of self delusion As commonground with greed is a commonplace illusion Who should peddle fear onto the hearts of men As fear, the great back-stabber, can give one means to stand
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