Azizi GibsonAnything

[Hook] Sometimes I sleep upside down So I can wake up right Because the world is so uptight Got me feeling like "fuck life" G's up, hoes down till we up high   [Verse 1] Nah, I can't fuck with you Can't see me and no bleezy getting stuck with you Hitting lick I wouldn't fuck a few hoes with you Don't care about the money or the zone, nigga No, I don't want to chill and get stoned with you When you cry I ain't handing you no tissue Want to die, I ain't handing you no pistol Look me in my eyes, I will not bullshit you   [Hook] Sometimes I sleep upside down With a motherfucking burner on me In case you fuck niggas think of turning on me In case you want to test a guy and get a shirt, whoodie I bet you won't see that money on the first, homie   [Verse 2] I was just a motherfucking tike Titties only thing that youngin like Game the only thing that's on my mind Never gave a shit about time I ain't even noticed no signs I just kept my head up, kept trying Niggas get fed up, start dying Cops come through and start prying Young niggas right up off the ground Here they come, don't make a sound   [Verse 3] I been fucked all my life, now it's my time Yeah, I see you hating, pussy niggas, on the side line Mad I got your baby mama tryna ring my hot line I would never stop the grind, nigga, I am not shy Fuck you and your sauce, I'm the boss, I am not kind Prehistoric to the morgue, y'all niggas, are impostors It's just me and my reaper apostles Yeah, we in the Bible, don't you let it shock you Going too fast in the game on one page Want a fat steak with a side of Tinashe Need a main course, I won't settle for an entree Tryna buy an island, commas for a getaway So everytime the game gets lame Imma get away It's driving me insane, I need some better days Prehistoric shit, let's head to the cave Prehistoric, bitch, yeah, we getting paid   [Outro] Yeah, yeah I love my life I love my life Don't matter how shitty it gets Fuck it, I love my little life © 2019